Just the girlfriend.

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Just the girlfriend.

Post by rshell02 »

HI Everyone!
I am very happy I came across this forum (Despite some of the few depressing entries) while looking for advice for girlfriends who have boyfriends attending medical school.
My boyfriend is about 2 weeks into Med School. I absolutely love him more then anything. We both made the promise to each other that we are going to stay strong and make it through this together.
I know that medical school is not easy and it is only to get worse:/
He's already becoming stressed out and grumpy, obviously, but as the days go by, we're talking less and less to each other. Granted I'm doing what I can to stay busy too, but we talk so little, He barely has time to talk and when we do talk it's for 15 minutes at 11 at night:(
It's beginning to worry me. It scares me because I can't tell if we're growing apart or if he's really JUST always studying and taking in this new experience and has no time to give to me. Any ideas? He is 3 1/2 hours away from me which is super hard.
Do you have any advice about the first year? What helped you to get through to where you are now?
I love my boyfriend so much and want this to work out more then anything!
I was really happy to come across this
PLEASE don't tell me to get out while I can, or that it is not going to work out, I know that this is a hard and long journey, but I need inspirational words and advice please!
Hope you can help:)
Thanks!! :D

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Re: Just the girlfriend.

Post by cheechootrain »

Be strong. Just wait till he takes the USMLE. There is a reason why not everyone makes it as a doctor. Some doctors I've spoken with said they studied almost 15 hours a day sometimes. Others who are highly revered didn't study much and suffered a bit on exams. I remember this doctor who works at Kaiser told me that anyone can become a doctor, you just got to put in the effort. Some more and some less.

Depending on what field he chooses, he might be hardly at home. (if you decide to take the next step) Unless he specializes in radiology, but I heard that is a competitive region to get into.

If you truly love him, endure it. Try offering help by getting involved in his study habits like quizzing him with flash cards or timed test. And if he's still being a grumpy grouch, tell him be a man and quit complaining. Its stressful, but he shouldn't pass that on to others around him.

They saying goes that love takes hard work, but if you find someone with ample kindness and the willingness to put the other in the center, then you can drop the shovels and picks, and partake of the endless pleasures of renewable love.

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Re: Just the girlfriend.

Post by geann.amore »

hello..im a newbie here but il try to share my opinion about your matter

handling a long distance relationship is real hard..if both of you have less efforts in your relationship then there's a big possibility that it will end loss.. but don't easily give up..you can do it..

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