Advice on my path...

Issues specific to osteopathic medical education and practice as a DO.

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Advice on my path...

Post by PpierceJS22 »

So here's my deal, graduated in 2008 from a well respected college with a bioengineering degree and a 2.96 gpa. My science gpa is 2.8 for 4 classes. One of those classes was gen chem which I got a C- in. My plan is to re-take chem I, and then take chem II and the two Orgo's along with physics II. If I get's A's/A-'s this should boost the science gpa up to 3.3 or so. I got B's in my bio classes and physics I.

I plan to take
Chem I / Phys II, Spring 2010
Chem II Summer 2010
Orgo I Fall 2010
Orgo II Spring 2011
Take MCAT / apply summer 2011

The post-bac programs look like rip-offs so I'm going to take these as individual credit courses at a local state school that offers a post-bac program as well.

I'm currently working full-time as a medical recruiter, and just started volunteering at a local hospital on the weekends. I plan to start shadowing a D.O. once I start the pre-req's. I work with several D.O.'s who do ER work and am quite close to a couple. I've learned alot about them (clinically and personally) and the osteo philosopy. Is it inappropriate from an admissions perspective to get a recommendation from someone like this? Also, I plan on leaving my job once I start the pre-req's so that I can focus on getting my application in top shape, any advice on getting a pt job in a hospital setting with no technician certificates or such?

I realize this whole this is contingent upon me acing the rest of my pre-reqs and putting up over a 26 on MCAT. I won't get into it now, but I do have a vested interest in Osteopathic medicine as opposed to allopathic, but i will probably consider the Caribbean/Mexico if I do all this and don't get into osteopath school here in the states.

I look forward to getting some advice from you guys!


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Re: Advice on my path...

Post by CaribMD »

OK lets take it a step at a time


you need a 3.2ish at least. and a 28 MCAT ( 26 is really too low)

so work on the GPA first then worry about the MCAT

one step at a time.

stay in touch and keep eye on the prize!

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Re: Advice on my path...

Post by tc13 »

The DO docs you know are exactly the type of people you want to get your LORs from. They can write about your clinical experience as well as your motivation for medicine.

DO schools frequently accept students with 26 MCATs, however not combined with 3.3 GPAs. If you project yourself to have a 3.3 GPA, then shoot for a MCAT closer to 30.

I worked as a rehab tech in a hospital setting. I got into every ward which was great from an exposure standpoint and you do not need experience/certifications/licenses. However the pay is not great. It was a part time job to get clinical experience, but I had a lot of fun!

Work hard and you will get in. Good Luck!

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Re: Advice on my path...

Post by AL_emt »

frankken2 wrote:Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine is certification for practice medicine. Every medical student must and should get this certification for running own clinic..

Thank you....

Huh? :?

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