Any Advice??

Issues specific to osteopathic medical education and practice as a DO.

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Any Advice??

Post by summewj »

So I am currently looking to apply to an Osteopathic medical school and seeing if anyone would lend some advice as to whether my chances are good or not. Please don't hold anything back. Sorry for the length.......

Since I could remember, I wanted to become a physician and was set on being one. In high school, I spent over 350 hours in hospitals and private practices volunteering and shadowing physicians from the ER to GPs. However, a few of the GPs I was shadowing sat me down and convinced me to look at other health careers due to their own malpractice and financial problems they were facing. As the naive kid I was I gave up on medical school and turned to dentistry. I set myself on the dental school pathway, but not whole heartedly. Not being passionate about this pathway I allowed my GPA to slip below its full potential (I went from being a 4.0 student in high school to being a 3.1 student in undergrad). After many hours of shadowing all kinds of dentists and even working in a dental lab for a couple of semesters, I found the field to be extremely boring (my brother who is a dentist disagrees). I think the field of dentistry is a fantastic field (paid as much as physicians and work 3.5 days/weeK, can't go wrong), but I don't think it was/is for me. About that time I finished up my undergrad and had no idea what I wanted to do. Thankfully, a very successful researcher at Auburn's vet school contacted me to be his graduate student on a project, work as a teaching assistant for the dean's physiology class and obtained my masters.

After graduating with a MS degree, I found a job working as a neurophysiologist performing intraoperative neural monitoring (IONM) with neuro, ENT, vascular and ortho surgeons. I have worked in this field for about 6 months now with over 100 surgical cases. I currently have a BS degree in biomedical sciences with a minor in business (GPA=3.1), a MS degree in Veterinary Biomedical sciences with concentration in endocrinology (GPA=3.5) and CNIM (certification in neural intraoperative monitoring).

I am currently 25 looking to do the thing I always wanted to do, be a physician. I want to take the MCAT and apply next year. I took the DAT when I thought I wanted to go to dental school and made the average of accepted students. So, hopefully I won't have too much of a problem on the MCAT with a great deal of studying. Please give me your honest thoughts on my chances on getting in. Thanks!

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Re: Any Advice??

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Good app for your experience

3.1 student in undergrad
this is a problem that I think

And this
MS degree in Veterinary Biomedical sciences with concentration in endocrinology (GPA=3.5) and CNIM (certification in neural intraoperative monitoring).
makes up for some of that.

everything looks good except

MCAT ? Have not taken
and Volunteering? You have time now get to it.
No more shadowing or patient experience needed so just volunteer at anything.

Over all so far I think you are a good candidate. :D

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