Windows 7 new Validation online warning

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Windows 7 new Validation online warning

Post by CaribMD »

Last night the new windows 7 Validation went live, it updates your computer and is a browser validation tool, Many people are having issues with Validation, it can tell you a legit windows 7 is non-genuine ( kiss of death) and tell you to buy a new key if its an OEM windows 7.
It happened to me but I was able to recover it and get it validate, it took some code work more then the average person would know to do.

Also there is a MGA diagnostic tool thats new and windows 7 users who have not installed this new update for validation should not use this tool because it too renders the software non genuine.

Wonderful huh?


Since we are not a Windows 7 site and I'm a VIP on a WIndows 7 site I will ask you to post your problems there:

I and others will answer your questions

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