Preserving/Airtightening Foods with Argon?

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Preserving/Airtightening Foods with Argon?

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Preserving/Airtightening Foods with Argon?

Argon is denser than air, and it sinks.

Suppose that argon, which is an extremely inert noble gas, is used to displace air (which is ~80% nitrogen, ~19% oxygen, and ~1% CO2 and other gases) in:
1. already opened wine bottles
2. any food corruptible by microbes which thrive in oxygen and/or CO2, etc.
3. milk?

Could this method be used to preserve foods and/or drinks?

I have this idea of a method which displaces the air in a wine bottle with argon gas. The argon gas does *NOT* escape the wine bottle, but it has displaced the air. Then a cork is placed on the half-full bottle of wine (the other half of the wine bottle is argon gas).

Couldn't this method be used to preserve wines? What is the big flaw in this idea?

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Re: Preserving/Airtightening Foods with Argon?

Post by ericdesouza »

I would have no problem with argon substituting for nitrogen per se. The big thing is sterilization. Botulism organisms would be likely to thrive in either nitrogen or argon if they do not get totally wiped out.

The biggest flaw is expense. Secondarily, if the preserver thinks of argon as having a magic property to preserve, they may not take the steps required to preserve.

You can buy argon packaged for wine preservation on Amazon. And it's been in use in the food industry for decades for this purpose.

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