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Hardcore Fun

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Wazzzzz up
Just wondering how much partying you guys still do. Finally got a chance to hangout with some of my friends in the states (I'm Canadian) after months of nonstop study. It's crazy I think I almost forgot what beer tasted like. My American friends who are also in Medical School think they can party harder than Canadians. I think I'm going to prove them wrong.

I am not drunk my way. Eh'

Nice stumbling in to a med students forum. I didn't even know this existed. I expect HW help from you people. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Haha may a little drunk, but in all seriousness I'm just curious how often other students get to party anymore.

PS: American bars make lousy drinks.

Dr. Joseph Phillips - 4 shots of vodka 1 beer.
Dr. Devin Mei - 7 shots of vodka 2 beers.
Dr. Natalie Rinda - 2 glasses of champagne (to be expected)
Dr. Linda Keating - 4 shots of vodka 2 beers.
Dr. Xiao Chen (Victor) - 11 shots of vodka 3 beers.
Me- 6 shots of vodka and 1 beer.
Dr. Kate Torres - 1 beer (noob)

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