Nice gestures anyone would appreciate

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Nice gestures anyone would appreciate

Post by supportivegirlfriend »

I just started dating a great guy who is enrolled at Yale studying medicine.

He is always really busy studying or doing rotations and seems a bit stressed out lately. I'm not a grad student nor am I studying medicine so I don't completely understand the stress he is under.

What kind of nice gestures do you appreciate from your significant other? or What kind of gestures would you like your significant other to do so they can reduce your stress?

Thank you! :D

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Re: Nice gestures anyone would appreciate

Post by CaribMD »

Understand that they will need you to understand that when they have time to spend with you thats when you need to have the time
And when they do not have the time, its not you, its Medicine, its a very time demanding life, and they will have to do things they do not want to at times.

They want to be with you, but the commitment to medicine makes it hard at times.

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Re: Nice gestures anyone would appreciate

Post by MissMelissRoths03 »

Dr. Carib is correct. You obviously care about this man based on your name. You just need to be supportive and know that although you are important to him - his commitment to medicine is comes first.

Just be supportive for him, possibly run errands for him that he doesn't have the time for...try not to overwhelm him with your needs as a girlfriend. I know it will be tough at times - but he chose to study medicine before you came into the picture and it is a full-time commitment. Enjoy the time you spend together and give him space to study and focus on his future career.

It will be a struggle but, you will be okay as long as you stay supportive. Be his rock, and he will appreciate you for that :lol:

Wishing you the best,

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