MBA Project - Please Assist

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MBA Project - Please Assist

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Hello, my name is Jen. I'm currently a graduate student working on completing my MBA. In order to complete this MBA, we have been divided into teams to create an actual business plan. I am the leader for the marketing part of our plan. Our leader has chosen to develop a "Pre-med bootcamp" program (hypothetical of course) in order to prepare pre-med students for their first year of medical school.

I am required to complete primary research (meaning I have to conduct a portion of it myself) for my part of the marketing plan which involves surveying our target audience.

If you could please take a few moments to fill out this questionnaire. You may either post the results here or email me at with the following form filled out.

1.) Are you currently enrolled in or applying for medical school programs? (Yes/No)

1B.) If Yes, how did you INITIALLY hear or learn about the schools for which you have applied? (If No, Skip to 2.)

2.) What factors are most important to you when choosing which schools to apply for?

3.) Out of the following forms of marketing or communication which do you believe to be the most effective? And then also (and this might be different, or might be the same as the first part), which would you personally prefer (you will NOT be contacted since this is only a hypothetical business plan being done by students. I am only interested in knowing which communication streams you find most effective in general for reaching students such as yourselves, and then which you would personally find the most helpful/useful/convenient. Feel free to select multiple options.)

3A.) A Blog that is run by the business directed to both potential and current students and constantly updated with helpful study tips, industry news, campus affairs, and special happenings, and occasional marketing/branding communications to attract new students

3B.) A Forum such as this one at studentdoc which is an open communication system for potential and current students. Reading forums would be open to the public, to post you would register for an account (or be given one as a registered student), if you were not currently enrolled, in the privacy policy, you would agree to being contacted by our recruiters and academic advisors periodically through email.

3C.) A social media campaign which provided short brief articles, links, case studies, campus affairs and community news, as well as two way communication.

3D.) Monthly contests where you agree in privacy statements to be contacted by email, mail, or telephone by our recruiters and advisors, in exchange for prizes such as ipads, computers, cars, cash, gift cards, etc.

3E.) Radio commercials featuring testimonials from current students and faculty

3F.) Television commercials featuring testimonials from current students and faculty

3G.) A benefit ball hosted on campus with keynote speech from our faculty and admissions department, with the proceeds of the ball going to medical research such as for example, cancer or aids research programs. This ball would give you a chance to see the campus, "mix" with current students and faculty, and support a nice medically related chairty as well as learn more about our boot camp program

3H.) Telemarketing/Cold Calling aimed at students with lower than average standardized testing scores or financial or socioeconmic backgrounds that we have identified as students most needing of our services. We would obtain this information by working with other campuses and undergrad and even highschool faculty who could help us identify such students

3I.) Hosting on campus visits/tours of our facilities where groups of prospective students could learn more about our programs

3J.) Sending representatives of our program to various undergrad, campuses, high schools, etc to reach out personally to individual students who may be interested in learning more about our services

3K.) Online advertising placed on sites such as student doc for example where a large number of premed and aspiring premed students spend their free time.

3L.) Viral or Guerrilla marketing such as flash mobs and freeze mobs and so on hosted either in large cities or at many highschools/various undergrad campuses. For example, might have many people lying on the ground frozen still to represent the percent of premed students who drop out after the first trimester, etc. To make a statement, or to "shock" our audience.


4.) Out of the ideas above. Which do you consider to be the LEAST effective overall, and which do you feel personally the strongest against?

Thank you so much for your time. Goodluck to all of you on your future medical careers.

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