Associates Degree or Bachelors Degree for nursing school...

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Associates Degree or Bachelors Degree for nursing school...

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Hi, quick intro 29 year old male with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and 8 years of work/volunteer in various areas of the hospital. At the end of last year I applied to two community college nursing programs in my area. I was waitlisted 100 of 106, slim chances ha. The way it works is if waitlisted at your "first choice" you are not accepted until they reach your number. For the second choice they have to exhaust their waitlist number then you could be potentially picked.

Now trying to decide what are my next options. I am a bit uncertain if Accelerated is the way to go for me. I tried an accelerated online math class once and was the worse experience I have ever had. Entire program was 6 weeks and never received a letter grade above a D. I can confidently say if I did an ABSN program probably set myself up for failure.

My other two options are just apply again to the Associate program's or apply to the Associate & Bachelor nursing program's in the State.

There is a bit of a catch however. If I apply to both Associate and Bachelor programs I have to take a slew of prerequisites for the various programs. So have to take Intro to Physics, College Algebra Pre Calc, Chem 1, Chem 2, Inorganic Chem, Lifespan & Development, Stats, and a few other classes. I would be applying to 4 to 5 programs instead of 2. I can be eligible to apply to two State programs if I have certain prerequisites completed and complete the rest before entering the program.

However, if I stick with the ADN plan I am already done with prerequisites and regular classes for the program. I probably end up taking for the fall if I go this route: Lifespan and AP2. I would take another Math class again, but would wait until my application is in for the next nursing class. They take your highest level Math class and your grade for that class. For me that is Intermediate Algebra with an A. I would probably take in the spring Stats and College Algebra. If need be in the Spring repeat Microbiology.

So far my grades are:
A - Intermediate Algebra
B - Intro to Chemistry
B- - AP1
C+ - AP2
73 on the TEAS
B - Intro to Psychology
2.91 GPA this GPA doesn't factor in my grade for AP2 and Micro. Micro grade I don't know yet. I am hoping for a B- or higher. If I do receive a B- in Micro I'll land somewhere in a 2.89 to 2.9 overall GPA.

I would also probably take the TEAS again because I did decent on every section outside of Science. My weakest issue was the AP section since I took the TEAS with limited AP knowledge; think I just finished AP1 when I took the TEAS the first time.

If I can achieve an A in AP2 think that would help my chances of being accepted into the ADN program and raise my GPA. Think if I took Chemistry and AP2 together I could risk another B- lowering my GPA. Also I feel confident in taking Lifespan can achieve a B+ or higher.

I know a BSN is hot right now. My job is making nurses be registered in a BSN program by 2020. I would probably look into doing an RN to MSN online program if I did do the ADN route.

Appreciate any insight or feedback can give.

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