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Issues specific to osteopathic medical education and practice as a DO.

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You are right, but unfortunately the premed path is riddled with good intentions (ie volunteering, You should do this to give to your community etc, why do some do looks good on apps)..Getting a letter from a DO is not always an easy task, as we have said here, but some schools require it knowing this...So how is someone supposed to get that letter, by asking someone who barely knows them. Thr reason the schools ask for it is an honeast attempt at getting the applicant to KNOW what a DO is, but really, does knowing a DO actually do that? No. So we get letters however we can to satisfy the adcoms. I do not advocate calling a random DO and asking for a LOR, what I do think people should do is calling a random DO and asking to shadow, or make an appointment to discuss DO philosophy. Try to "get to know each other" in 30 minutes or less (just kidding). DO's know that potential DO students arre looking for a LOR from a DO, they are usaully very happy to look over personal statements and transcripts, etc and write a reasonable LOR with that. They cannot talk about you personally, but neither can many professors that we ask for LORs everyday.

So it is what it is...A requirement that we must fulfill.


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I agree with you fully.

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Most say if you can

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I'm applying to DO schools too.

I do have a DO doctor, but I sent almost everything in while still evacuated from New Orleans.

All the ones that asked said MD was second best if you can't get a DO.

I never told any of them that I have a DO doctor or why I just assumed that the letter from the MD I used to work for was submitted instead was good enough.

But I can tthrow that out there if I get asked during interviews (2 in Feb).

So if you got interviews, obviously you're ok. Just be prepared to get asked in the interview (I haven't had one yet, DO that is).

I think they just want to know that you talked to an Osteo Doc, know what it is etc.

Don't panic. Just do your homework.

Just my opinion,

PhDtoMD...but leaning towards DO now!

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Hi everyone,

Had the interview last week; still was not able to get a D.O. LOR but I went anyway; got a letter from the pre-med committee at my former school. I made sure to mention my summer education program at one of the top 5 Ivy league medical schools and I had the Certificate (with copies) to give them. The interviewer seemed to like that I did this program. I was not asked about a DO LOR and I am hoping that the summer program was seen as a substitute. During the program we shadowed doctors in the ER and had classes in medical ethics among other things and I mentioned this during the interview.
The interview was great not too much pressure; I was nervous (intensity decreased as the interview progressed) and I heard it in my voice but I answered each question. I love the place; we had a chance to visit the anatomy lab and were given a brief lesson on one of the cadavers. The students were very, very friendly and helped to calm us down. My interview lasted for about 15 minutes.

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15minutes? isn't that too short? The shortest i ever had was like 45mins.

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