Chances... sorry for another one...?

Issues specific to osteopathic medical education and practice as a DO.

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Chances... sorry for another one...?

Post by wagdog1 »

Here's some basic info on myself:

Penn State University, Main Campus
Pre-Medicine Major, BS Candidate
Double Minor in Psychology, Biology

Cum GPA: 3.23
Non-Sci (est.): 3.68
Science (est.): 2.94


Total: 32Q
VR: 13 BS: 9 PS: 10 W: Q

I was wondering if any osteopaths around this forum went to PCOM. I'm very interested in PCOM and have been ever since my freshman year in college when an adcom representative visited PSU in my elective Medical Professions lecture.

I'm basically wondering if I could have a chance applying to this school with my low GPA but relatively good MCAT... I am very worried that I will hit a cutoff for my science GPA... the things that hurt me were two C+ (one in intro chem and the other in electrophysics and B-'s in a few biology courses)

Thanks for your advice, guys..

Oh, and thanks for the props in the "Sticky" about making the new DO calculator...

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Post by OlufunshoBY »

like u said, the GPA might be the stumbling block. You could make an educated guess of ur chances at PCOM by checking their average MCAT and GPA.

Are you not interested in any other DO schools? Are you going to apply to PCOM only? you should check out the stats for other schools and see where u fall into.

good luck

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