Review a medical education book or PDA program, and get loot

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Review a medical education book or PDA program, and get loot

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Would you like to review a book or PDA program? Let us know what product you'd like to review, and we'll take a look to see if it fits in well with the site.

For some products we will pay a reviewer's fee - regardless of whether you liked the product or not. For other products we might be able to provide you with a free copy. For reviews of minor products you'll get our gratitude and a t-shirt.

Here's what we'll ask you to do:

1. Let us know which product you'd like to review. Do you already own the product?
2. Try all the features, use the product thoroughly.
3. Write a review of the package. The review should be about 500-600 words long and should
- describe what the product is
- how is it organized - did you like the organization?
- how big it is (does it fill up your pda? too heavy to carry on rounds?)
- what kind of content did it have? Was the quality good?
- rank it on scale of 1 to 5, 1=Excellent, a must have for every student; 5=a waste of pda memory.
4. Send it to us! We'll send you a studentdoc t-shirt too!

If you're interested in reviewing this package, send me an email or PM. Include your name, what year you are in medical school or your PGY, and the medical school or hospital you're at.

All the best,

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