DO degree = quackery or superficial?

Issues specific to osteopathic medical education and practice as a DO.

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DO degree = quackery or superficial?

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I've been hearing a lot of criticism about a DO degree. Because it takes a "wholistic" approach, people tend to believe its on the same terms as psychological "quackery." I'd like some cold hard facts about what a DO degree is in comparison to an MD degree, and what it isn't.

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Some people still think that DO's are just not the same as MD's. But the fact is, under the law of all 50 states, the two are equivalent. They both have all the same priviledges and responsibilities. And those who cling to that same old crap are just fooling themselves. Osteopathic medicine is first and foremost, medicine...not quackery.
Now pay close attention: DO's are physicians. They can do anything in any specialty that an MD can do.
That's all that matters, right?


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DO's are is a site that can help you get your facts.

Also, it is hollistic approach.


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