really need an answer 4 this

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really need an answer 4 this

Post by belinda »

okay, my mcat score was a load of dog poop. And now i am torn with what i'm going to do so i have this question??

1. if i retake the Mcat in January can i still apply towards, august 2007?

2. I see that some of the DO schools have deadlines way ahead in feb/march of 2007, so if i retake the january mcat, is it possible in anyway i can still apply to them since the new mcat results comes in about 30 days.

3. I know it is a very very very infact almost impossible longshot but i still have a nano spec of hope--- is it advisable to submit my aacomas application with a 3.78 gpa science 3.2 adn 16T score?

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Post by mdille2 »

There are a few DO schools that will take a January score, but be aware that you must have an excellent score at that point to get accepted, because of rolling admissions. Good Luck!


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Post by gopre1236 »

Hey. My advice would be to apply now. Hopefully you have a good gpa and then in your personal statement mention that you are studying and will retake the MCAT in january. That way they have your stuff and everything is processed for the day you get your score in january. So in January you will be at the top of the pile instead of the bottom. so apply now and just let them know you're retaking! :)

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