I made a mess of everything

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I made a mess of everything

Post by mojo2468 »

Hey Everyone,
I was hoping to get some advice on my situation. I posted this in the Non-Traditional forum as well but would also like the opinions of this forum since my interests lie in Osteopathic Medicine in the first place.

I started out in engineering in 2002. Failed out after a year because of medical and personal issues. I was readmitted two years later and realized I hated it even though I was doing ok ( 3.0 gpa, our school doesnt take into consideration classes from previous years if you have been readmitted) I decided I couldn't continue on with it and switched to biology which was something I loved. I will be able to finish the degree in a year and a half total time.( 6 months from now )and currently have a 3.9 gpa in this new degree. My mcat scores are 36.

I was curious as to how Med Schools will look at my application. Will they consider my failed courses from 5 years ago and withdrawal from engineering in my overall gpa consideration? And also how will they look at how I finished my classes... i.e. the biology degree should normally take 90 credits in 3 years( each course is one semester), I did that in 3 semesters of fall or winter, and 2 summer sessions with an overloaded course load in each.

I should also mention I am a canadian citizen at a canadian university.
Thanks for your help!

Nervouslly awaiting your replies,

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Post by vbarbato »

Your MCAT score is very good. Your GPA for medical schools will reflect all classes that you have taken. However, medical schools will treat applicants on a case by case basis. Medical Schools also frown upon taking pre-med core classes over the summer because the vast majority of them are much easier than the same classes during normal semesters. So you have to ask yourself as to why your GPA is so high for your Biology degree. Is it because you took the classes over the summer or is it because you know your stuff and you would have done well no matter when you would have taken them. I see it as the latter because you did do very well on the MCAT. If you are interested in Osteopathic Medicine you are an extremely competitive candidate if that is what you want to hear. Of course they will take into account your past academic failures but it is nothing that can't be explained during an interview. So apply to DO schools and I think it is safe to say that you would be happy with the outcome.

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