Doctors get all the credit

Review your favorite medical TV show.
Was it medically accurate? Was it anatomically accurate (that is, do residents actually look like that?)?
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unrealistic med - real deal

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guys - dont forget these are just tv shows, soap operas, with a medical twist, i'll agree they distort reality, nurses are an integral part of the healthcare system, we'd be lost without them, but these shows are for fun, so enjoy the relationships and the mysteries! in ontario we have some tv shows called "life's little miracles" (shadowing kids at Hospital for Sick Children) and the process they go through, "Med Students" (they follow a bunch of med students at McMaster around, in rotation), "Trauma: Life in the ER" (following ER cases at St. Mikes and Sunnybrook) and all of these programs show the doctors and the nurses doing what really happens.... and they dont hide anything from the camera (except penis's and vaginas). you can really see how important all the people in the healthcare system are. so... these shows aren't completely missing...... i would think US would have shows like this too?

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Yeah, tell me what you mean!! Scrubds is just as bad. Well perhaps slightly better but yeah I totally agree.

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[quote="drnaoum"]I think you're right - nurses don't seem to exist in these tv hospitals. The docs draw blood, give meds, and they seem to outnumber the nurses 2 to 1.

But there also don't seem to be any specialists either. The House team does EVERYTHING: spinal taps, bone marrow biopsy, interventional radiology, cardiac catheterization, ERCP, primary care name it they do it.

Plus with the number of gross errors they make it's amazing that any of them still have a medical license.

They should just let the nurses do it all.[/quote]

You do realize that each member of House's team has their own specialty? House supposidly has a double specialty...

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Re: Doctors get all the credit

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Nurse Jackie!

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Re: Doctors get all the credit

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They also get all the blame!
All the credit, all the blame! :wink:

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