Welcome Omnicron999 as med student moderator

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Welcome Omnicron999 as med student moderator

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It's a pleasure to welcome Omnicron999 as a medical student moderator.

A little bio:

I am currently a second year medical student at UCONN. I went to Central Connecticut State University for my undergrad, where I majored in Biomolecular Science with a minor in Psychology and Chemistry.

Hmm...I'm not too sure what else you guys would want to know about me...

I like to mountain bike, read, and play the occasional video game in my spare time (Wait, I get spare time?)

My undergrad research was focused on two major areas: isolation of new antibiotics from soil samples, and protein channels in cardiac tissue.

Even before I applied to med school I did a great deal of research into the whole process. I have done the same thing with the USMLEs. So everyone feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.

Omnicron999 joins Krust3 as our outside moderators.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank Krust3 for a tremendous job answering posts and looking up information. This forum has grown to a size that it needs more than one moderator in large part because of Krust3's efforts.


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