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Welcome to StudentDoc, one of the oldest sites devoted to life as a medical student. Starting with your premed years, prepping for the MCAT and applying to medical schools, StudentDoc takes you through the transformative journey from student to physician.

Medical School Forum

Post your questions and comments: How did you do in the match? Are you ready for the MCAT? Our moderators have taught in medical school, taught MCAT test prep, taken the MCAT and USMLE, worked in the real world as medical professionals, and have helped with thousands of posts.


USMLE Test Prep Resources for USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2, and USMLE Step 3: on-line reviews, real-life courses, books and audiobooks.
For the later two steps, clinical knowledge is paramount.
USMLE Forum: Discussion board for USMLE, Medical Student, Pre-med and MCAT issues. Residency program and interviewing information.

Medical Careers

Physician Jobs: Trends and outlook for physician employment, including discussion of medical specialities and regional physician needs.
Locum Tenens: What is Locum Tenens? Why would I do it? Does it pay well?
The Residency Match: Check out residency programs, companies that will help you match and more.
Physician Salaries information. Salary survey results for a variety of medical specialties. Physician salary and student expectations from a student survey of salary expectations.
Nursing jobs resources for nurses in the US. This is the largest growing profession in the country, with a wide range of nursing salaries.
Nursing Degrees: Information on trends and nursing educational opportunities across the US.
Free CME Online: Online CME courses from non-profit organizations, governmental organization, and industry.
Medical apps for iPhone and Android: good for rounds, on call, or studying for the USMLE.
Physician Resources: Free online medical practice tools, medical software, and extensive physician and medical job search.

Medical Student Finances

Medical and College Student Health Insurance: general insurance information and health plan options for students at all levels.
Student Loan Consolidation: understanding current student loan structure and rates, as well as the effects of carrying a lot of student loan debt.
Medical School Loans: There are specific loans devoted to financing medical school – this page provides information on the different types of loans, as well as lending institutions and student debt trends.
Refinancing Student Loans: federal student loan issues, including obligations, student loan structure, consolidation and refinancing options.
Caribbean Medical School Loans: programs that offers student loans to students attending foreign medical schools.

Premed Resources

MCAT scores: Compare your MCAT score and GPA to “accepted” students’ scores at US medical schools
Medical School Rankings
: An analysis of the new medical school rankings.
MCAT Preparation: review courses and advice on how to prepare effectively for the MCAT.
The Top 10 Medical Schools: The top ranked US medical schools.
Caribbean Medical Schools: The pros, cons, and how to evaluate medical schools outside of the US.
Medical School Admissions: Planning to get into medical school.
Medical School Interviews: A database of interview styles and questions from different medical schools. The discussion forum also has information on medical school interviews with feedback from students on the interview circuit.
Post-bacc premed programs are an attractive option for good students whose current scores are competitive, but who are committed to a career in medicine.