The report that crunches over 20 variables to estimate your chances of getting accepted into medical school.

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Helps you answer the following questions:

  • How best to strengthen my application?
  • What are my chances of getting into medical school based on my numbers?
  • Where do I stand compared to other applicants with a similar background?
  • What effect would a better MCAT score or GPA have on my chances?
  • What are my chances at specific MD and DO medical schools?

Sample Table of Contents

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Cost of report:

  • Immediate online delivery (by e-mail): $25 (normally $45)
  • U.S. mail delivery (10-14 days): $75
The report is about 35 pages long (length varies depending on your specific case).

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How it works:

It also runs several “what if” scenarios to help you decide whether you should take the MCAT again, and to determine how changes in your GPA could affect your chances of getting into medical school.

How to use this information:

The decisions you make about medical school are big. The basic application and interview process alone can cost over $5,000:

+ $235 registering for the MCAT

+ $2,500 prepping for the MCAT

+ $457 to apply to 10 schools with the AMCAS application

+ $350 for about 10 secondary applications

+ $1,500 traveling to interviews at different schools (airfare plus hotel for five schools)

Plotting the best course to medical school requires an honest and objective assessment of your current status. This report is designed to do exactly that.

Click here to create your premed status report

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