There is a lot of data to help you decide whether you should retake the MCAT test. Here’s an approach we suggest – but it’s just a suggestion, no guarantees attached.

Ask yourselves the following questions:

1. Are your current scores competitive at at least a few schools? To find out check out our MCAT scores and competitiveness tool.

2. Would you be substantially more competitive if your score went up by 2 points?

3. Would you be substantially less competitive if your score went down by 2 points?

4. Are you able to prepare for the next exam properly? To find out test prep course schedules, check out: Kaplan MCAT Test prep.

5. Are you likely to do better if you took the MCAT again? We’ve built a tool to help you evaluate your chances if you took the MCAT again using data compiled by the AAMC that shows the average change in MCAT scores per section given your first test score.

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