How a professional premed advisor can help you:

Medical school application consulting in all phases of the application and admissions process:

  • Direct medical admissions consulting.
  • Application review and editing.
  • Help with the med school personal statement (AMCAS and AACOMAS).
  • Advising on secondary applications, including essays.
  • Coaching with the medical school interview.

MedSchoolCoach’s advisors are physicians with admissions committee experience at a variety of levels.

Every advisor you will work with has an intricate knowledge of the admissions process and the field of medicine.

We do not use English majors or hard science PhDs who do not have experience in healthcare as other advising groups do.

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Package Pricing

Our Packages offer great savings over a la carte pricing. If you are interested in a more detailed advising experience, one where your advisor will get to know you on a personal level and help you through multiple parts of the application, our packages offer great value. With each, we’ll work with you to develop a great total application because there is nothing we love hearing more than “I GOT IN!”

 Editing Services

In order to get accepted into medical school, you need more than great grades and a great MCAT score. Your personal statement has to be unique, your secondaries have to show interest and your AMCAS or AACOMAS application has to sell yourself. MedSchoolCoach’s various Essay Editing and Brainstorming options will help you put forth the best possible written material. MedSchoolCoach will dig deep into your essay to make sure the content is on target.

  • Personal Statement Editing
  • AMCAS Application Editing
  • Secondary Essay Editing

 Mock Interviews

The medical school interview is one of the final and extremely important aspects of the application process. This is your last hurdle to admission! Unfortunately, many people do not know how to approach this and falter during the interview. We will make sure this does not happen to you. You will know what questions to expect and how to answer them in a truthful way that lets your personality come through. Do not go into your interview unprepared!

  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Practice With Former Admissions Committee Members
  • Video, Phone and In-Person Available

 General Advising

One-on-One coaching with one of our senior advisers. We answer any questions you may have about the timeline, approach, school selection, admissions strategy, class selection, etc. Any questions you may have about medical school, we help you answer them. Spend an hour with us to fully strategize your medical school application at anytime from freshman year of college up until your gap year and reapplications.

  • Fully understand the application process
  • Find out what activities you need to maximize your application
  • Develop an application timeline and strategies for gap years
  • Advising related to Post-Bacc Programs

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