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Physician jobs and staffing

Physician salary information is most commonly used to set pay rates when physicians change jobs. A variety of methods are used to establish medical pay rates. For example, if a psychiatrist is joining a new practice, annual pay scales may be set according to the national average for psychiatrists. Bonuses might then be paid based on the individual psychiatrist’s income to the practice compared to the national average.

More commonly these days salaries are initially guaranteed for 1-3 years followed by performance-based salary calculated from RVUs. For many physicians the RVU formula is particularly vexing since it gives employers a shrouded algorithm by which to adjust their income.

Alternatively, and this is most likely the case in locum tenens positions, physician salaries might be set according to the national average for medical specialty, scaled by the local cost-of-living index.

We’ve put together salary survey results as general resource for physicians.

But the best salary advice for physicians interviewing for a new job is to know your high and low figures.

Physician Salaries and Student Expectations

A large survey of medical students compared their expected salaries after medical school to actual physician salaries.

Doctor Salary Survey Results by Specialty:

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