10th Percentile Median 90th Percentile
$174,500 $201,000 $388,100

Psychiatry salary survey results, also available through MomMD psychiatry salaries, are based on yearly surveys of physicians in different medical specialities. This information can be used in several ways, specifically in evaluating different physician job possibilities.

There are many psychiatry locum tenens positions available, in almost every part of the nation. Psychiatry salaries vary by local cost-of-living, density of psychiatrists in an area, and the practice environment.

In evaluating a psychiatry job offer it is important to know the average pay for the specialty, the degree of call expected, and the patient volume. The national median psychiatrist salaries is often used as a target: a physician who generates the average patient income for the specialty receives the average.

Breaking a general trend, pediatric psychiatry salaries are typically higher than those of adult psychiatrist. At the low end, adult and child psychiatry salaries are comparable. However, the disparity develops at the 75% and 90% brackets, where pediatric psychiatrists are earning 30% more than adult psychiatrists.

Fixed benefits, like funds for psychiatry CME courses, are not included in the salary estimates.

Information about other psychiatry jobs and nursing jobs is available.

Source: Salary Survey 2012

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