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In 2012 there were over 818,000 licensed physicians in the U.S. During this time 6.7 out of 10 career opportunities were in office-based practices and about 2.3 out of 10 were employed by hospitals. The remaining physician jobs were for the Federal Government, most in U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and other government related areas. Physician salaries have continued to grow during this time.

Today, many physicians are partners and open group physician practices. Organized as clinics or as groups of physicians, they will pool their resources and can offer the public more advanced physician services. The need for new physicians has been growing every year and may continue to grow well into the future much like the need for nursing jobs and other medical jobs has exploded.

We’ve put together a set of online physician resources to help with your physician job search.

Physician Jobs Outlook for Physician Employment through 2012

Jobs for physicians will continue to grow through the year 2012 due to continued expansion of the health care industries and the increase in the average age of the population. New technologies will permit more intensive care and require special skills. Physicians will be able to do more to treat aliments previously regarded as untreatable.

In 2008 renewed concerns emerged about a shortfall in the number of primary care physicians – even on top of a projected shortfall in the number of US physicians in general.

Although physician job searches may be produce better results for primary care doctors such as general and family practitioners, general pediatricians, and general internists, a substantial number of career cho ices for specialists will also be created in response to patient demand for access to specialty care. A variety of resources are available for medical specialities, for example, family practice jobs and neurology jobs are detailed on this site.

The number of physicians in training is slowing down and is likely to decrease over the next few years. Although new medical schools are being formed for the first time in decades, the pipeline of new physicians takes a long time to fill. This trend will make sure the demand for physician jobs stays strong for at least the next decade or longer.

Physician Employment / Jobs Salaries

Today, physician salaries are among the highest of any occupation. Self-employed physicians had higher median incomes than salaried physicians. Earning are varied for many reasons with the main issues being the number of years in practice, location, hours worked, skill set, and experience.

Look up physician job salaries by specialty:

Median income after expenses for the average primary care physician was about $186,000 (up from $175,000 in 1999) and specialists had a median income of nearly $340,000. The middle 50 percent earned between $135,000 and $265,000 a year with a few making much more.

Locum Tenens Salaries

Locum Tenens is temporary employment for physicians. It’s usually a temporary position that is held until a full-time physician position opens up. For more information about Locum Tenens salaries please visit the Locum Tenens page.

Physician Job Resources

MomMD physician job board and search tool, with an emphasis on part-time, locum tenens and job share options.

Physician Job Search: Online free search service for physicians, including permanent and locum tenens physician job openings, from NetDoc.

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