As in many states, Georgia health insurance plans don’t cover everyone. There are many people who are currently uninsured in the state. However, Georgia does offer some alternatives to help these individuals receive the medical treatments and screenings they need.

Georgia Health Insurance & the Cancer Coalition

Georgia health insurance options are numerous, as they are in most states, but some individuals still may fall through the gaps because they earn too much or too little to quality for state health care programs or to pay for private insurance. For these individuals, cancer screenings are normally a luxury they can’t afford even though they could save their lives.

The Georgia Cancer Coalition, however, prevents that from happening by offering free breast and cervical cancer screenings for women who are not covered by any other Georgia health insurance plans and whose incomes are below 200% of the poverty level. Any necessary follow-up testing or treatment may also be provided at no or reduced cost depending on the woman’s income level.

GA Health Insurance Choices for Children

The PeachCare program in Georgia was developed to provide health insurance to children who are not eligible for Medicaid and who are not covered by any other Georgia health insurance plan. The program provides children with a full-range of coverage that includes hospitalization, dental care, vision care, prescriptions, immunizations, and more.

Parents have to pay a small fee each month for their child to be enrolled in the program. This fee ranges from $10 to $35 per month for each child over the age of 5. However, a family pays no more than $70 per month, regardless of the number of children enrolled in this Georgia health insurance plan. You can learn more about PeachCare by visiting the program’s web site.

Unfortunately, PeachCare covers children only until their 19th birthday, even if they are in college and are still dependents of their parents.

Comparing Georgia Health Insurance Plans

For Georgia citizens who need health insurance, doing some research can help you find the right policy. If you are interested in purchasing insurance through an HMO provider, you can visit the web site for the Officer of the Commissioner of Insurance for Georgia and review a comparison of the number of complaints received about different providers in the state.

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