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Free online CME courses are usually sponsored by pharmaceutical companies or device manufacturers. In our listings, we try to identify the sponsoring organization or any affiliation the CME providers may have. As you would imaging, these courses usually deal with the specific pharmaceutical or medical device industry sold by the sponsoring company, but does not specifically identify brands. These courses generally meet the qualifying standards for Category 1 CME courses and therefore qualify for medical CME credits.

PRA Category 1 free online continuing medical education courses are offered by PRIME which are categorized into specialty practice and are augmented with free monthly case studies for physicians. Many of these meet relicensure requirements and are provided free without commercial support. Another major provider of free CME online courses is Medscape. These courses often take the form of “reports” and “highlights” from major medical meetings. The programs are generally of high quality and qualify for Category 1 CME credits. A wide variety of medical specialties (everything from Internal Medicine CME to Psychiatry CME and Surgery CME) are covered.

There are also a small number of free CME courses provided by medical schools and training hospitals that can be accessed from anywhere. More often, though, CME courses provided by these institutions cost about $25/credit hour. For example, Harvard provides several online CME courses and charges between $20 and $50 per credit hour.

Free CME Course Lists

ApolloAudiobooks free CME course list – A large database of Category 1 CME for physicians and CE for nursing professionals curated by Apollo.

Free Ultrasound CME – this is a catalog of online courses provided by GE and Siemens

Johns Hopkins CME – Hopkins provides online CME courses in a wide range of specialties. Each course is reviewed regularly.

CME courses – the Netdoc database is one of the most comprehensive and easily searched databases of both online CME courses and live or mail CME.

Emergency medicine CME – LLSA: The emergency medicine specialty has shifted to the Lifelong Learning Self Assessment (LLSA) model of recertification. This resource provides links to the LLSA reading list and requirements.

Medicine Board Review – Board review options including courses that offer Category 1 CME credits.

CME list – This is a hand-edited list of courses curated by Dr. Sklar.

Please note, the editors of have not reviewed the listed CME courses for completeness or accuracy.

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