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Internal medicine CME courses can range from common problems in clinical practice to more specific management strategies in various disease areas like endocrinology, neurology, and pulmonary medicine. Most internal medicine continuing medical education courses are geared for general internists, as well as internist-subspecialists, family medicine specialists, and other medical providers. Look for courses that offer up-to-date information from current journal findings and top professionals in the field.

Among the many options you can find for internal medicine CME credits and courses, the following are standouts:

Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital provides the Intensive Review of Internal Medicine for internal medicine CME credit. A comprehensive review of the major fields within internal medicine and its sub-specialties, the course features over 100 well-respected clinician-teachers. This course comprises 135 lectures of 15-minute to one-hour durations, with the goal of helping physicians review substantial areas in internal medicine, prepare for certification and re-certification, stay up-to-date on current therapeutic approaches, and beyond. Up to 76 CME credits.

Harvard Medical School also regularly offers the Brigham Update in Medicine, designed to provide updates in internal medicine and specialty areas. Highlights of this internal medicine CME course include current issues in women’s health, asthma, neurological exams, and updates on HIV.

Johns Hopkins CME courses for internal medicine, such as Practical Reviews in Internal Medicine, are geared for internists and others interested in the treatment of internal medicine disorders. This internal medicine CME course describes advances in diagnosis and management in the field of internal medicine, and allows participants to assess scientific literature in internal medicine as well as incorporate new scientific approaches into clinical practice.

Another Hopkins course offers a lecture based audio review of internal medicine, with up to 48.5 category 1 CME credits.

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