Internal medicine jobs are probably the ones most familiar to the average person. Internists usually work with a patient from adolescence and throughout the rest of his or her life. As a result, these doctors must be trained in recognizing and treating a wide range of problems. However, there is also room for specializing in these internal medicine jobs.

Internal Medicine Jobs: Nephrology

One of these specialized internal medicine jobs is nephrologist. A nephrologist recognizes and treats problems involving the kidneys. They are likely to see patients who have kidney cancer, acute renal failure, kidney stones, and chronic urinary tract infections. They are also likely to be involved in kidney transplants and dialysis.

Nephrologists must complete a three year general medicine residence, plus another one to three years of study in nephrology. Yearly salaries in this field range from between $150,000 to $179,000.

Internal Medicine Jobs: Infectious Disease Specialists

Infectious disease specialists are becoming more and more in demand because there are a wide variety of jobs opportunities for those in the field. While some choose to work in a clinical setting, others choose jobs in public health or in the pharmaceutical industry. No matter what the setting, these specialists are focused on diagnosing and treating spreadable diseases.

Infectious disease specialists need two years of additional training after completing their general medicine residency. Their salaries range from $135,000 to just over $150,000 on average.

Internal Medicine Jobs: General Medicine

While there are at least a dozen other specialties for internists, including endocrinology, hematology, and more, many of those seeking internal medicine jobs just want to be primary care physicians who develop long-term relationships with patients while working in a private practice.

Internists are more likely to find competition in their employment since almost one-fourth of physicians choose to prepare for internal medicine jobs and their specialties, instead of opting to pursue other areas, such as radiology.

Despite the large number of internists, their average salary is around $165,000.

More Information About Internal Medicine Jobs

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