Psychiatry Jobs Outlook

Just as the number of physician jobs is expected to grow in the next five years, so is the number of psychiatry jobs. With overall growth in physician employment of approximately 20% over the next decade (US Bureau of Labor Statistics), the number of psychiatry positions may increase by over 6000 by 2014. Given the difficulty of filling many psychiatry residency positions, this may mean an increased reliance on foreign medical graduates to fill the increasing demand for psychiatrists.

These numbers assume that growth is constant across all medical disciplines. However, as the baby boomer population ages the number of psychiatric and neuro-degenerative disorders is expected to increase disproportionately. This means that psychiatry practices are likely to see faster growth than many other physician practices.

Psychiatrist Job Search

A variety of resources are available for psychiatrics look for jobs. In addition to our Physician job search utility, several physician recruiters specialize in psychiatry. specializes in physician placement for both board certified psychiatrists as well as non-physicians in the industry.

The American Psychiatric Association runs a job bank, with search and resume tools available to APA members.


  • American Psychiatric Association – The APA runs on online job bank for psychiatrists
  • Physician jobs – Physician job and employment opportunities to US physicians and residents
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