In the medical field, radiology is one of the most understaffed areas. Many hospitals do not have enough radiology technicians on staff, and less than 2% of all physicians end up specializing in radiology. Because of these shortages, many radiology jobs are available for students who pursue this area of study. Below is a discussion of some of the career possibilities for individuals interested in radiology.

Radiology Jobs: Radiology Technicians

Almost everyone has had an X-ray taken at some point in their lives. The person responsible for taking those images was a radiology technician. These individuals are trained in how to use the equipment and in how to prepare patients for the procedures.

These radiology jobs usually require the completion of a two year college program. These programs are usually offered at vocational and community colleges. The average pay for an entry level radiology technician averaged between $33,280 and $41,600 per year.

Radiology Jobs: Radiologists

Radiologists are physicians who specialize in the field of radiology. Most radiologists go even further and specialize in one particular branch of radiology, such as pediatric radiology, nuclear radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, and more. In most cases, radiologists use their knowledge and their equipment to diagnose problems and to aid in their treatment.

Radiologists must complete four to five years of additional training. Their yearly salaries range from $192,000 to $386,000. Radiology CME courses and Board Review for Radiology are components of the physician’s continuing medical education.

Radiology Jobs: Radiation Oncologist

Radiation oncologists treat cancer patients using radiation therapy. This branch of radiology jobs seems to be growing in popularity with medical students, however, only 0.5% of doctors work in this area.

Radiation Oncologists must complete the same amount of training as radiologists. Their average earnings are approximately $302,000 per year.

More Information About Radiology Jobs

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