Physician Salaries

Physician salaries by sub-specialty can be found using the above form. Physician salary levels are listed for median, lowest and highest salaries reported in a salary survey.

Medical Salaries and Expectations

To see if the actual physician salaries shown match the expectations of students, we conducted a survey of students in pre-medical and medical programs first in 1999, and more recently we surveyed students about their anticipated medical salary in 2011. We asked what salary range they expected to make as physicians. The results were very much in line with actual physician salaries, suggesting that most students have a good idea of what the profession pays.

A total of 648 people responded to the survey. The results are shown below:

Poll Question: How much do you expect to make as a physician (after residency)?

Physician compensation also varies by package type – and some fringe benefits don’t appear in the salary numbers.

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