Despite the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and tragic reports of massive monthly layoffs in other industries, the healthcare industry remains strong in terms of employment options. There is a shortage in almost every class of medical job, from physicians to nurses to medical technicians.

Medical employment opportunities vary by region and specialty. We’ve put together a set of job search resources for physicians and nurses.

Physician Jobs

Physicians searching for employment have a variety of options. Temporary positions abound all over the U.S. (see Locum Tenens for more information). Permanent positions can be found either through locum tenens positions that convert to long-term jobs, or more commonly through physician recruiters.

Physician Job Resources – Online resources that help physicians evaluate and identify medical job opportunities.
Physician Job Search – Specific search tools and options for the physician job search.
Family practice jobs – Trends and practice information for physicians in the family practice specialty.
Neurology jobs – Trends and practice information for physicians in the neurology specialty.

Nursing Jobs

Nursing is the single most rapidly growing profession in America. This means that nursing job openings outstrip the number of applicants – if you are an RN you can usually choose where you want to work.

Travel Nursing – a realistic option for nurses who like to travel, it’s the nursing equivalent of locum tenens. Take temporary positions in different parts of the US.
Nursing Job Sites – Online resources for nurses on the job search. This page lists nursing recruiters and nursing job sites.
California Nursing Jobs – Options for nurses looking for positions in California; RN, LVN.
Florida Nursing Jobs – Online references for RN jobs in Florida.

Medical Technician Jobs and Allied Health Jobs

Med tech jobs and allied health jobs are going unfilled across the country. According to a recent report by the US News & World Report (The 30 Best Careers for 2009), almost job associated with health care is going to be in great demand in 2009 (and coming years). Highlighted were Physical therapist jobs, biomedical equipment technicians, physician assistants, pharmacists, health policy specialists, audiologiests and of course, RNs.

For those with degrees in any of these fields, finding a job in 2009 might be surprising straightforward.

Hospital jobs – a discussion of the variety of medical job options available specifically in the hospital environment.

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