Neurosurgery Salaries

Lowest Reported Average Reported Highest Reported
$354000 $541000 $936000

Neurosurgery salary results, as well as those provided for different medical and surgical specialties, are based on surveys of physicians and are publically available on the web (see the Physicians Search website). This information can be used in several ways, specifically in evaluating different physician job possibilities.

Neurosurgery salaries, and in particular spine surgeon salaries, are at the high end of physician pay range. While there are individuals from other specialties who draw more, the excess salary is likely from ancillary revenue streams like pharmaceutical consulting contracts or multi-physician practice ownership.

Obviously there is some variation in pay scales by geographical region, but the variation is usually smaller as a fraction of base pay than for other physician specialties simply because the base rate is higher. Locum tenens positions will often set base pay scale on the national average income. The pay can be adjusted by local cost-of-living difference from the national average.

In evaluating physician jobs, it is useful to know the average pay for a given specialty. Independent of locum tenens positions, the national average of physician salaries in different specialties is often used as a target: a physician who generates the average patient income for the specialty receives the average . Bonuses are often pegged to the amount of income generated above the average.

The average physician salary for an internist (see Internal Medicine Survey) can be used as a benchmark for comparison with other medical specialities.

Information about other medical jobs and nursing jobs is available.

Source: Allied Physicians, Salary Survey 2003-2006
(Previous values from Physicians Search 1998 Salary Survey)

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