10th Percentile Median 90th Percentile
$159,300 $263,800 $486,600

Neurology salaries have remained more stable than in other specialties, like ophthalmology for example. As the population ages and therefore the prevalence of neurological disorders increases, demand for neurologists has been growing. With a relatively stable number of neurology residency spots, the number of neurologists is not expected to grow as quickly as the general population is aging, putting upward pressure on neurology salaries.

Neurology salary results are based on annual surveys of physicians.

As evidenced by the proliferation of free neurology CME courses, the range of therapeutic interventions available to neurologists has burgeoned over the past 15 years. Several new multiple sclerosis therapies, the evolution of thrombolytic therapy for stroke, ICU EEG monitoring, and a growing arsenal of chemotherapies directed against primary and metastatic brain tumors expand the reimbursement mechanisms for neurologists.

In evaluating neurology jobs, it is useful to know the average pay scale. Independent of locum tenens positions, the national average of physician salaries in different specialties is often used as a target.

Information about other medical jobs and nursing jobs is available.

Source: Salary Survey 2012

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