GMAT prep options

Kaplan GMAT test prep courses have been around the longest and have a good track record with improving GMAT scores.

The Princeton Review ($100 off GMAT course) also a long history of success in GMAT prep.

GMAT tutoring is ideal for folks looking for a more personalized GMAT prep program. Individualized prep with expert teachers gives the best likelihood of success.

How to use the GMAT score tool

To get an idea of how competitive your GMAT scores are at many of the business schools in the US, simply enter your GMAT score and GPA into the form above, and click on “Search Business Schools.” A list of MBA programs will appear, and each program will be color coded to show your competitiveness.

Keep in mind that these competitiveness rankings aren’t absolute – the program uses historic data and puts your scores in context, but doesn’t make any guarantees. Many factors other than GPA and GMAT scores are left out entirely, and they make a big difference in acceptance. These results can’t and don’t guarantee acceptance or rejection in any MBA program. They are useful, though, in building a “portfolio” of MBA programs that you should consider applying to.

The database used is not complete – many excellent MBA programs (including all online MBA programs) have bee left out. Please note, this tool does guarantee acceptance or rejection at any institution.

If you represent a Business School or MBA program and would like to add your school to this database, please email us at

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