Hospital Job Options

One thing that has been clear in the contracting economy of the late 2000’s is that the healthcare industry is NOT contracting. Hospital jobs, and other medical jobs in practices and institutions throughout the US, are going unfilled.

The number of hospital jobs has actually been increasing despite reductions in medical payments and a continuing shift in payor mix from private insurance to government insurance programs. One of the implications of the shift in payor mix is an attempt to reduce the ratio of high-cost physicians to lower cost nurse practioners and physician assistants. This means that a large number of hospital jobs are open medical technicians, physician assistants, and of course nurses and nurse practitioners.

Hospitalist Jobs

Medical practice trends have also increased the demand for hospitalists. Physicians with extensive hospital experience, and now those who have done a hospitalist fellowship, have been moving into hospitalist jobs with ease. Hospitalists have a more predictable work schedule, greater familiarity with the specific hospital environment, and familiarity with the most current in-patient protocols and cost structure. While data on differences between hospitalist and internist error rates is still lacking to any large degree, the expectation is that the in-hospital error rate should go down with hospitalists.

Locum Tenens

Hospitalist jobs are, perhaps, the perfect locum tenens opportunity. These position offer consistent work and regular hours without the issues of long-term patient relationships found in primary care practices.

The situation for traveling nursing is almost identical – hospitals are desparate to fill nursing jobs, whether RN, BSN, MSN, or LVN/LPN. Hospital job opportunities abound across the country for nurses willing to travel.


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