International medical insurance is a must for many travelers, particularly students who will be attending college outside of their own country. While a traveler may be in excellent health before embarking on a journey, he or she never knows what may happen along the way. For example, an unexpected illness or an accident could require medical treatment, even a hospital stay, which would not be covered by most ordinary health plans.

Types of International Medical Insurance

As with most types of insurance, there are a number of types of international medical insurance available. Some types are more applicable to certain travelers than others. One type is comprehensive. This type of international medical insurance would be appropriate for travelers who did not have any other type of medical insurance. For example, students who did not have health insurance through their parents or school might choose this option since they will be studying outside of their own country for an extended period of time.

The more common type of international medical insurance is emergency insurance. This type is designed for people who already have health coverage at home but whose coverage does not cover them outside of their home country. For example, a student who is planning to study overseas for a semester may want to invest in this type of insurance.

A third type of international travel insurance is known as medical evacuation insurance. The vast majority of travelers will never need this type of insurance which covers the necessary costs of transporting the person back home if he or she can not travel on a commercial flight because of a severe illness or injury. Accidents which occur during some types of activities may not be covered by this type of insurance either, so travelers need to be careful before signing on the dotted line.

International Medical Insurance & Travel Requirements

Another reason why many students and long-term travelers opt for purchasing international medical insurance is that having health coverage is a requirement in many countries. For example, students coming to the United States must provide proof of medical coverage in order to get a visa. The same rules apply to many other countries in North America and Canada. For this reason, all travelers need to check the travel requirements of their destination country in advance.

They must also make sure that the international medical insurance policy they choose meets the guidelines established by that country. More Information on International Medical Insurance Students and travelers can learn more about international medical insurance by reading “Travel Medical Insurance” or by visiting The Practical Nomad site or reading “How Medical Travel Insurance Works“.

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