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If the school name appears in:

  • Green – both your GPA and LSAT score are in the range previously accepted by the school
  • Blue – one of your scores is lower than previously accepted by the school
  • Red – neither your GPA nor LSAT are in the range previously accepted by the school

Please note that this analysis does not guarantee acceptance or rejection at any institution.

Law School Lowest GPA
Lowest LSAT
score accepted
1 Albany Law School Union U. (view details…) 2.98 148
2 American University (view details…) 3.24 156
3 Arizona State University (view details…) 3.15 154
4 Baylor University (view details…) 3.45 157
5 Boston College (view details…) 3.39 160
6 Boston University (view details…) 3.17 163
7 Brigham Young University (view details…) 3.48 160
8 Brooklyn Law School (view details…) 3.10 158
9 California Western (view details…) 2.88 147
10 Campbell University (view details…) 2.99 151
11 Capital University (view details…) 2.96 148
12 Cardozo-Yeshiva University (view details…) 3.20 158
13 Case Western Reserve U. (view details…) 3.01 155
14 Catholic U. of America (view details…) 3.01 154
15 Chapman University (view details…) 2.93 151

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Many criteria are used in evaluating law school applications. The goal of this tool is give you an idea of how competitive your LSAT score and GPA are at different schools. It can’t evaluate all aspects of your application. Many other aspects of your law school application can over-ride a good or bad LSAT score.

There are no absolute number cut-offs for admission to most law schools. The data used to generate these results are not guaranteed to be accurate, however, we think they are in the correct ballpark. Of course, just like the wide variety of law school rankings criteria, there are a wide variety of applicant ranking criteria.

The successful law school application will include excellent LSAT scores and GPA, as well as a strong personal statement and letters of recommendation.

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