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The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a standardized test used by law schools to evaluate applicants. The test is administered by the Law School Admission Council four times a year.

Effective LSAT preparation can take several forms. Deciding on the type of review course depends on your goals and how you’re currently performing on the LSAT.

How you’re currently doing on the LSAT

Unless you’ve already taken the LSAT, it’s tough to guess how you’ll do on the LSAT. However, there are practice tests that can help you get an idea of where you stand.

Does your LSAT score get you to your goals?

There are a variety of criteria that Law Schools use to evaluate your application. Your LSAT score is just one of them – but an important one. We’ve built a tool to help decide if your LSAT scores are competitive at the schools your interested in: LSAT scores and Law School Search.

Should you retake the LSAT?

Unlike several other entrance exams, if you take the LSAT more than once, your scores are averaged. That means you should try to take the LSAT only once.

However, sometimes it’s clear that you should retake the test. In this situation it is imperitive that you do well on the test. Two bad scores are very difficult to overcome.

If you’re in this situation you need to get the most out of your LSAT preparation. If you can afford it, private LSAT tutoring is the most effective course. For about half the cost, an LSAT classroom course is an excellent option. Both Kaplan and the Princeton Review (Princeton Review promo codes for LSAT) have long-standing and highly regarded programs.

What does the LSAT score mean?

We’ve put together a plot of the LSAT distribution, as well as a tool to help you see what a specific LSAT score means to your Law School Application. Visit the LSAT scores page to find out.

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