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4. Take practice tests under test-like conditions. That means using the same medium as you will when you take the real MCAT. The MCAT is a computer-based test, meaning the linear format allows you to jump around from question to question answering items in any order, as with a paper test. Taking practice tests the same way you take real tests will keep you calmer in the real test, and makes sure you know the format of the real test.

5. Take an MCAT test prep course. The AAMC is going to “full-disclosure” for MCAT test results. That means they don’t just release your most recent test scores; they also send your entire MCAT history. That means you only want to take the test once. Do it right. Invest the money in a proper MCAT classroom course. It’s not the time to go cheap. Your medical career is worth the initial investment.

Official MCAT sites

AAMC MCAT page: The official MCAT site of the American Association of Medical Colleges
AAMC Home Page: The Association of American Medical Colleges
AMSA MCAT: The American Medical Student Association’s take on MCAT and beyond

Other Resources

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