There’s an app for everything and everyone these days, and medical students are a target audience for app developers. When taking in a constant stream of seemingly endless information, having exhaustive medical references at your fingertips is a big help.

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Here are five essential iPhone and Android apps to help get you through medical school. For tablet users, check out these helpful iPad apps for medical students.

Medscape: A free and comprehensive reference for drugs, conditions, diseases, and clinical procedures, this app has been a consistent favorite among medical students and professionals since its launch in 2009. It will also keep you up to date with the latest medical news.

Epocrates: This is a top-rated drug encyclopedia that will provide you with information on thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications. It also features a drug interaction tool and a pill identifier. The basic version is free, though you can upgrade for a small fee.

MedCalc: This medical calculator gives students and physicians quick and easy access to essential medical formulas, scores, and scales, all for $1.99.

Eponyms: Many diseases, clinical tests, and treatments are named after their founders, and it’s not easy to keep them all straight. This free, extensive database allows you to search for all the eponyms that you’ll ever come across.

iRadiology: This free app contains a large collection of classic radiology cases, complete with labels and descriptions, to help medical students and residents improve their image reading skills.

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