For many students, a traditional educational experience is not an option. For that reason, they may choose medical school distance education as an alternative. Medical school distance education can come in a variety of formats, including web-based or videotaped versions. However, choosing the right program and weighing the pros and cons is an important first step.

Choosing the Right Medical Education Distance Learning Program

Regardless of the type of medical education being pursued, it is important to shop around for the right medical school distance education program. They are not all created equal. When comparing, check the credentials of the school. A school which has been in existence for a long time is likely to be a better choice than one which has recently started.

Also, it’s important to check the program’s accreditation. Many programs claim to be accredited, but the accreditation may be very restricted – meaning your degree might not let you work in your chosen field or location. Without the proper accreditation, the program’s degrees may not get students very far, especially in the medical field.

Accreditation is a complicated topic, but more information about it is available at

Medical School Distance Education: Pros and Cons

There are some positive and negative aspects of medical school distance education programs. Students must look at both sides of the issue before making a choice.

First, medical school distance education programs provide a number of benefits. One is a flexible schedule. Students can work around their own schedules instead of having to conform to a more traditional class schedule. This can be an asset to students who work or who have families. These programs can also make it more convenient to get a degree. Students can work from their homes so they don’t have to commute or move on campus. Plus, students who live a great distance from colleges or universities which provide the degrees they want, these programs can make earning a degree possible.

Despite these benefits, medical school distance education programs provide a number of negatives. The biggest problem is that employers do not always place a lot of value on degrees received through distance education. For example, only 26% of employers felt bachelor’s degrees earned through these programs were as credible as those earned traditionally. The fields of medicine and health care were even more likely not to appreciate these degrees.

More Information About Medical School Distance Education

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