One of the most significant hurdles you will face after graduating from a course in nursing is finding a job. This typically will entail applying for jobs with local medical care providers, such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, health departments, and beyond. However, there might be a more efficient way to find nursing jobs: Working with a nursing agency.

What Is a nursing agency?

A nurse agency is exactly what it sounds like. These are companies devoted to supplying skilled, trained nurses to various medical centers within a designated region. Employment expectations for registered nurses project a 22 percent growth through 2018, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Using a nuring agency or nursing registry can help Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, and others in the field connect with health care facilities in a speedy and efficient manner.

Local hospitals and clinics

More hospitals and clinics are turning to nursing agencies for help with filling their staffing needs. Working with a nursing agency allows candidates to find rewarding nursing jobs in their chosen city without the headaches of searching for a job in the traditional way. In addition, working with a nursing agency also can allow candidates to find jobs at a local nursing homes, permanent care homes, or other nursing facilities. These facilities typically have ongoing needs for nursing staff, from RNs to Nurse Practitioners, from CNAs to LPNs, allowing you to work with special needs patients or those who require round-the-clock care.

Travel nursing

Working with a nursing agency can plug you into the benefits of travel nursing. Travel nursing is a means of working with medical providers outside of a specific geographical area. For example, a nursing agency might work with hospitals, clinics, and health departments in a variety of counties, helping them to fill their open employment slots across their region. Some nursing agencies offer national and even international travel nursing jobs. These usually are not permanent jobs, but they tend to pay very well, often higher than the same job in a permanent setting.

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