Online MBA programs can be a perfect fit for busy physicians. Let’s face it, after working a full day in the clinic, how many MDs have the energy to cross town to attend a classroom course? Online MBA degrees for physicians offer much-needed flexibility.

The features of online MBA programs mesh well with professionals who already juggle myriad obligations, both professionally and personally. Some include:

  • Short residency periods
  • One-year programs
  • No business prerequisites required
  • Professional peers
  • Classes composed only of MDs
  • CME credits
  • Personalized development programs
  • Computer skills development
  • Physician and business networking

But before committing to a master’s program online, physicians should weigh whether it’s really worth putting in all that time and energy.

“Many physicians have succeeded and are succeeding in business without an MBA,” cautions Dr. Philippa Kennealy, whose Entrepreneurial MD coaches doctors as they transition into the business world. “A thirst for knowledge, excellent networking skills, a willingness to seek out mentors or the right consultants, the ability to partner with successful business people, the ability to execute on a well-designed business plan (with a solid business model), persistence and passion. These all contribute to business success even without an MBA.”

Online MBA programs to consider

For those MDs interested in pursuing their master’s of business administration, more universities both in the United States and abroad are offering online MBA programs:

The Isenberg program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Northeastern University features a popular distance learning MBA.

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill has a well-respected online degree program.

The London School of Business and Finance online master’s of business administration program

IE Business School’s global master’s program from Madrid, Spain

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