Dot your i’s and cross your t’s!!

Chances are it’s been years since your last English class or grammar lesson, or perhaps English is not even your first language. While it is not necessary to be a brilliant writer in the medical profession, good writing conveys intelligence while bad writing conveys just the opposite. Therefore, it is important that your personal statement sounds professional, is well thought out, flows well, and doesn’t break any grammatical rules.

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To ensure that your personal statement is as strong as it can be, you should start early and go through several drafts. Something that sounds fantastic at 3:00 a.m. might sound terrible after you’ve had some sleep, so you don’t want to get stuck writing your personal statement the night before it’s due. Rather, you want to have the opportunity to do plenty of rewriting before you submit your finished product.

One way to guarantee that your personal statement reads well is to get input from others. By “others” I mean people who have good writing skills and a strong grasp on what can make or break a personal statement. Don’t make the mistake of just showing it to a friend who may not have any better idea of what’s “good” vs. “bad” than you do. If you are unable to work with a professional writer, seek out professors or ideally a residency director for help.

Don’t give up!

If the writing process has you beating your head against the wall, know that you’re not alone! Writing is difficult, and writing about yourself can be even harder, especially if you’re not one to “toot your own horn.” Keep in mind that the first draft is the toughest part, and your statement will get better and better with each new draft.

Also, know when to ask for help. Companies such as The Doctor Job employ professional writers who can help you with everything from topic selection to outlining to finishing touches. The writers at The Doctor Job have read and worked on thousands of personal statements and work extensively with medical students and foreign medical graduates applying for residency programs.

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The Doctor Job – The Doctor Job has worked with thousands of medical students and foreign medical graduates to create the perfect personal statement to get the most interviews and subsequently get into the best programs.

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