With fourth-year medical students making out their residency Match rank order list all around us, we wanted to know how many programs students were listing. Please tally your response to our Match Day 2013 Student Poll at right.

NRMP rank order list

Our original poll ran from January 15, 2011, to January 22, 2011, asking: “How many residency programs are you going to put on your primary rank order list?”

244 students responded, giving a pretty good idea of the range of rank order list size. Figures 1 and 2 show the results.

About a quarter of applicants are listing 9 to 15 programs, with the next most common range being 4-8 programs (about 23%), followed by 1-3 (about 19%). The next large range had nearly 15% listing more than 80 programs.

nrmp residency match survey
Percentage of students ranking programs.

The idea of interviewing for 80-plus residency programs is mind-blowing. Certainly people can’t interview at each and every program in the course of the four-month interview season (can they?) – but they are interviewing for many. If each interview costs on average $200 (some with airfare, some driving, some hotels paid-for by the residency program, others not), every 10 interviews costs about $2,000. Interviewing for 80-plus programs would cost around $20,000! That’s not to mention the cost of simply listing the programs on the NRMP match list.

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