The world of travel nursing has become very popular, particularly with the shortage of qualified nursing professionals in many areas of the United States. Working with a traveling nurse agency can help you earn a significant income and work in an interesting variety of locations.

What is a traveling nurse agency?

A travel nursing agency is a helpful resource that enables hospitals and clinics within a geographic area find the nursing staff they need. Often, there are too few nursing professionals within a specific area to satisfy the needs of medical providers. This is where a travel nurse agency enters the picture. It supplies skilled, qualified professionals to numerous different hospitals and clinics within that region.

There are significant differences to working with a nursing agency and working directly with a hospital or other care facility. For instance, if you work with a traveling nurse agency you will not work at just one hospital. Rather, you will work at several hospitals within an area, on either a rotating basis or as needed. Another significant difference is salary. Travel nurse salaries are always higher for their services. This can be an attractive draw for many nurses.

Drawbacks to using a traveling nurse agency

While there are plenty of benefits to working with a nursing agency, there are a few drawbacks. One is that you are not guaranteed work on a regular basis, as you would be with a permanent hospital position. You will need to submit your name for assignments. The traveling nurse agency will make those assignments based on qualifications, needs, and other factors.

Another drawback is that you are not guaranteed to work in the same hospital more than once. This keeps you from building up a professional circle of contacts at the facility, not to mention friends and personal relationships.

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