The medical community has certainly experienced considerable growth in recent years. And the trend continues. Nurse jobs are possibly the fastest-growing segment of the medical industry, as many regions are experiencing a significant shortage of nursing professionals.

Registered nurse jobs are the largest health care occupation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 2.6 million registered nurses in 2008. What does this mean for those interested in entering the field? Great news: there are numerous nurse jobs available. Perhaps the most growth (and need) will be for RNs, but there is a profound demand for all types of nurses.

Growth potential for nurse jobs

While there is a dramatic need for qualified nurses right now, what is the outlook for these jobs down the road? Knowing what to expect from this career in terms of advancement potential and earning ability is important.

Government forecasts are for RN jobs to grow much faster than most other economic segments. This means that, as a nurse, you will have a job that keeps you in demand for a long time. The combination of an aging population and an ongoing shortage of properly trained nurses means that RN salaries will be competitive and nurses will have considerable earnings potential.

Where are nurse jobs located?

As a nurse, you might work in almost any type of setting in the medical industry. The traditional location is a doctor’s office. Forty-eight percent of nurse jobs are in a physician’s office. Nurse jobs are also found in hospital and clinic settings, as well as working on staff with companies and even in the education sector. Other settings include a home health care provider or in a nursing care facility.

Hospital care is expected to see the slowest growth for nursing jobs, surprisingly enough. Employment with physician offices is expected to be the highest growth area. However, the home health care industry is also growing rapidly and might actually overtake doctors’ offices as offering the highest percentage of jobs to nursing professionals. Nursing care facilities are also expected to grow as an option for nurse employment opportunities.

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