Cardiology CME courses can address general issues in cardiology to more specific and focused topics. They are geared for practicing cardiologists as well as others with an interest in the latest developments in the field of cardiology. Look for courses that cover subjects ranging from angiography and electrocardiography to preventive cardiology and cardiac imaging. What follows are a few examples of cardiology CME courses.

The Cleveland Clinic offers the cardiology CME Electrocardiography, which features comprehensive review of clinically based topics in electrocardiography. The course also addresses diagnosis and treatment of common conditions. Coursework includes information derived from electrocardiogram, review of cardiac conduction, cardiac rhythms, pacemaker rhythms, 200 case studies, and more. There are up to 21 credits available in cardiology CME online.

Johns Hopkins offers the cardiology CME course Acute Coronary Syndrome Virtual Education Summit that provides uptodate information and algorithms for navigating the care of acute coronary syndromes. They also offer Practical Reviews in Cardiology, a 56 credit cardiology CME course that reviews current topics in cards.

Harvard Medical School’s Intensive Review of Cardiology offers a comprehensive review of cardiovascular medicine. It is geared for participants seeking certification and re-certification, and focuses on epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular disease. The coursework covers all aspects of cardiovascular imaging: MRI, SPECT, PET, myocardial viability, CT, venous and arterial ultrasound, and echocardiography. Up to 33.25 cardiology CME credits

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