Featured Echocardiography CME courses

Echocardiography continuing education allows practicing cardiologists and radiologists a convenient way to keep their knowledge and skills current as their field provides a key, non-invasive technique for diagnostics of the heart. Echocardiography CME courses cover a broad range of cardiology topics and assessment skills. Below are some notable examples of online echo CME courses that are currently available.


Another source of echocardiography trainin is 123sonography.com, created from the echo lab at the General Hospital of Vienna, is a site specializing in the education of echocardiographers. Membership includes access to short courses, e-books, case studies, and fact sheets. Their online echocardiography CME program consists of twenty chapters, each worth 2 credits, for 40 total available echo CME credits.

Through the American Society of Echocardiographers, ASE University offers free cme echocardigraphy courses. With a variety of online partners included, they also have their own journal activities, live courses, and webcasts. Each echocardiography CME option offers 1 credit.

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Cardiology jobs listed by region and city including everything from New York cardiology jobs to cardiology jobs in Santa Ana. There is complementary cardiology salary information as well.

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